• Want Illinois government to work for the people instead of the politically connected? Hire me – I’ll make it happen.
  • Want lower property taxes? Hire me. I will lower property taxes for all –  even if you aren’t politically connected to the “right” people.
  • Want affordable, quality education? Hire me.  I will audit every dollar and end the millions lost to corruption and lack of oversight.
  • Scared of rising healthcare costs, or losing coverage? I’ve worked on this issue with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  Hire me to protect your healthcare rights.


We must keep our promises to our brave veterans and fix a system which consistently lets our country’s finest down.


It is time for a rational review of Illinois’ marijuana laws.


Ours is a strong country, built by immigrants.


Patronage is the cornerstone of wasteful politics


I will work with anyone who will help move our progressive agenda forward, regardless of party.