• Want Illinois government to work for the people instead of the politically connected? Hire me – I’ll make it happen.
  • Want lower property taxes? Hire me. I will lower property taxes for all –  even if you aren’t politically connected to the “right” people.
  • Want affordable, quality education? Hire me.  I will audit every dollar and end the millions lost to corruption and lack of oversight.
  • Scared of rising healthcare costs, or losing coverage? I’ve worked on this issue with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  Hire me to protect your healthcare rights.


Ours is a strong country, built by immigrants.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.


Healthcare is a right, not a privilege.


Patronage is the cornerstone of wasteful politics


We must keep our promises to our brave veterans and fix a system which consistently lets our country’s finest down.