Democrats Against Madigan/Berrios


It is OK to be a Democrat and throw Mike Madigan and Joe Berrios out.

Mike Madigan and Joe Berrios destroyed the Illinois and Cook County Democratic Parties, ruined state finances, abandoned our progressive values, and put our future in jeopardy. I will throw them out on their butts, end corruption and sexual harassment, and lead our party. I have the skills and experience to do this – but I need your vote on March 20th.

I worked in the White House as the Director of Special Projects, served Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, and ran operations as the Deputy Political Director of the Democratic National Committee – back when we ran fair elections. I grew up in Skokie, went to Niles North and the U of I, know the issues, have a plan for Illinois, speak my mind – and get things done.

My wife and parents are immigrants, and I take the responsibility of being an elected representative VERY seriously. Government should work for the people, protecting those who need it most. It should not exist to give out free college scholarships to campaign workers, property tax breaks to friends, and do-nothing state and county jobs to idiot relatives.

As your State Representative, I will ensure:

  • Lower property taxes and fair valuations
  • Quality, affordable healthcare
  • World-class, affordable education with lower tuition for Illinois residents
  • The end of corruption in Illinois government
  • Transparency and financial accountability from your elected officials
  • Gun control legislation coordinated with the Gabby Giffords Law Center
  • Incentive programs to attract and retain businesses in Illinois to grow our economy

If you are tired of Illinois politics as usual, vote for me, and then brace yourself.


Pete Dagher

A Real Democrat for State Representative, 17th Legislative District