Immigration Now, Immigration Tomorrow, and Immigration Forever.

I am the son of immigrants, and my wife is an immigrant.  Chances are that you, a parent, or grandparent immigrated to the United States.  Maybe you came here for economic opportunity.  Maybe your grandparents came here because of religious persecution.  Maybe it was for education.   Our government must recognize and act to recognize the value of all that immigration provides our economy, our culture, and our future.

Pete and Thi were recently married in Glenview

Regardless of where we are from, we are now Americans and must get involved in shaping our own American Dream.   As Americans, it is easy to do – get involved in government!

My single mother raised my brother and I to embrace our country.  My brother, Colonel Dan Dagher, served as a pilot and wing commander in the United States Air Force.  As a matter of fact, he is my hero.  I served Presidents Clinton and Obama, worked in the White House, and represented the United States in over fourteen countries.  I want every American to be able to advance and have all of the opportunities I enjoyed.

Now more than ever, we must stand up and protect the “Dreamers” – the brave young men and women who were often brought here as children, who grew up here, and who have never known their birth country in any meaningful way. As your representative, I will work to make sure that Illinois protects them and helps them on their path to full citizenship.