Patronage, Corruption, and Waste

I will not reward inefficiency merely because the job holder is someone’s brother-in-law.  I will not trade my values for personal gain of any kind.  I will not look the other way while we waste tax dollars.

People in government should treat tax dollars as if they were stewards of a precious resource.  We should track our tax dollars to ensure they are spent only on effective, sanctioned programs.  As your representative, I will act as a fiduciary for the people of Illinois, taking care with our tax dollars as if they were my own savings.

Having been raised by a single mother, my brother and I were taught how to stretch a dollar, love our country, and to earn everything we received.  My wife, from Vietnam, can spot government corruption a kilometer away – and even though a recent immigrant, even she can see that Illinois is ripe with it.

I have worked with both foreign and domestic governments, agencies, and campaigns while making each accountable for their time, people, and budgets.

The only budget which I will sign will require auditing and transparency, while eliminating patronage, corruption, and waste.

Hire me to make this happen.