Tax, Spend, Audit

Tax and Spend…and Audit

What are we getting for our tax money? And just as importantly, what are we not getting because we seem incapable of managing a budget? How bad is it? In the last 10 years, Illinois has paid out over $1 billion dollars in interest payments alone because it pays its bills late. Worse, Illinois has a backlog of $11 billion more in unpaid bills, all accruing interest.

Paying interest does NOTHING for Illinois residents. That interest payment and late fee wasn’t spent on mammograms, education, road construction, auditing, attracting investments, airport improvements, economic growth, flu shots, solar power, libraries, pensions, nor crime prevention. It was utterly wasted. One Billion Dollars in taxes. Let that sink in.

Are you angry that our current property tax assessment formulas ALWAYS benefit the wealthy while your property taxes rise? Did you mention to me that you could no longer afford your taxes and were considering leaving the state? Are you angrier today because there is no accountability for Illinois’ runaway spending?

People are fed up. We are tired of being treated like the government’s piggy bank. We are the customers of our government – it works for US. We are entitled to be treated with respect and to have our money carefully used for OUR BENEFIT.

Hire me!

In 2014, President Obama signed into law the “DATA Act” – it stands for the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act and requires Federal spending to be assessable, searchable, and reliable and with far lower filing and reporting costs. As of 2018, several progressive municipalities have adopted this type of financial reporting system, as well as the State of Ohio. If Illinois wants to attract investment and make wise financial decisions, it needs solid financial reports that are assessable, searchable, and reliable.

As for Cook County property taxes, as your State Representative I will limit the damage the assessor can do. The State of Illinois actually has the power and authority to set parameters on how the county assessor sets property taxes – yet, no one ever bothered.

I will follow Ohio’s example and deploy a financial reporting system that focuses on auditing expenditures to ensure we get what we pay for. I helped manage Barack Obama’s nearly $1 billion dollar budget when he ran for President – I can handle this.

I am the son of immigrants, and was raised by a single mother. I worked eight years in the grocery business where profit margins are slim. I paid my way through college and earned an MBA. I will reduce waste, increase efficiency, and lower our debt.

I will get it done.