The Plan

In order to attract people, businesses, and jobs, Illinois must rapidly get its finances in order.

To begin, we must rid ourselves of Mike Madigan, Jim Durkin, and Joe Berrios from not only political power, but from government power. We must replace them with honest people who have an understanding of basic math.

Next, we implement the tenets of the Federal DATA Act of 2014—making our financial reporting transparent—this will not only cut down the corruption created by Mike Madigan, Jim Durkin, and Joe Berrios, but will show business interests that we are an honest place to do business and that our financial dealings are above board. For an example on which state to benchmark, see Or look at Iowa’s system of financial reporting. Ohio and Iowa are attracting jobs and retaining people because their finances are honest and transparent.

After this, we outlaw lawmakers from profiting from their financial mismanagement (property tax appeals, vendor assistance programs, etc.)

Now we implement an economic plan for Illinois. This includes lowering our energy costs to attract manufacturing. We embark on a statewide review on what our competitive advantages are, and market ourselves to the international, national, and regional markets.

We work to lower healthcare and education costs, as well as property taxes in order to attract people, businesses, and jobs and grow our way out of the financial mess that Mike Madigan, Jim Durkin, and Joe Berrios have placed us in.

The enablers—those lawmakers who pledged allegiance to Mike Madigan at our expense, should be removed. They are not helping….they are hurting us. They need to go. I will run fair primary elections to remove them from power. Without the huge checks from Mike Madigan’s corrupt party every two years- they don’t stand a chance in hell of being re-elected.